Quantitative estimation of water erosion hazards of soil in Sirwan district, based on the (EPM) model of Gavrilović and using (RS) and (GIS)


  • Hemn Kamal Hamaamin Department of Geography, College of Humanities, University of Halabja, Halabja, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Nali Jawad Hamad Department of Geography, Faculty of Education, University of Koya, Koya City, Kurdistan Region, Iraq




Risk, Soil Erosion, EPM Model, Gavrilovic


Soil erosion, is one of the geomorphic risks which is the result of the natural and humanistic reasons. Water creates a great risk on human life and its activities, especially in the humid and rainy areas, the aim of this study is to show and identify the spatial extent and the annual rates of soil erosion which is caused by water, there are some Models among them, Gavrelovic that is known as (Erosion Potential Method, EPM) is the best one, This will determine the ratio of soil erosion due to Surface water and exhibit the range of the risk, This model relies on some equations that are determined by several criteria such as(slope ratio, vegetation cover, temperature, rainfall, geological or soil composition .etc.). Different Remote Sensing data and GIS tools were used to reach the results of this study. The results of the study show that there are six levels of soil erosion in the Sirwan district and the sixth level is the most dangerous and disastrous. Its annual volume of soil erosion is more than 20,000 m3 per square kilometer. Meanwhile, it covers a large area of the district (135.76 km2), which is only (33.75%) of the total area of the district.


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Hamaamin, H. K., & Hamad, N. J. (2023). Quantitative estimation of water erosion hazards of soil in Sirwan district, based on the (EPM) model of Gavrilović and using (RS) and (GIS): . Halabja University Journal, 8(3), 227-243. https://doi.org/10.32410/huj-10488

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