The Dust Storms and Their Causes of Occurrence and Repetition in Sulaimany City


  • Shokhan Muhammad Ahmad Department of Geography, College of Humanities, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



Dust storm, Soil, Climate elements, Air mass, Trough, Drought


As a natural phenomenon, the dust storms raise and evolve at the areas where there exists the desertification and gets wider increasingly. In the current research paper we dealt with causes that normally lead to the occurrence of dust storm and their repetition in Sulaimany city, the main factor is climate of the areas and its surrounding places, which play an important role in creating of the phenomenon. The research paper has been conducted relying on the climate-related data for the years 1993-2013. Among other factors, this research aims at manifesting the effect of desertification; soil disintegration and the scarcity of the natural plant cover, using the available sources and material at the library in addition to conducting the field study. This research paper aims, as well, at stating the problem at question and analyzing the direction of the circling dust storm and categorizing the circulating days. Those days include the time taken up for evolving and repetition of the dust storm in addition to the dust storm quality. For the purpose of our research paper we have depended on a quantitative method and the scientific analyzing, deploying a set of charts and tables in the research process. The research has concluded by some findings and recommendations by the researchers.


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