‘Parody’ and ‘Play within a Play’ in William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night


  • Kawa Othman Omer Ahmed Department of Translation, College of Languages, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani City, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Shirin Sadallah Rasheed Department of English, College of Education, University of Salahadin, Erbil City, Kurdistan Region, Iraq




Parody, Sub-Plot, Verbal Skill, Individuality


The research investigates aspects of parody and ‘ play within a play’ in William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night ( 1601-1602). One important issue to be investigated is the parodic relation between two interrelated plots in this romantic comedy. The main focus is on the play’s subplot with regard to the aspects of ‘parody’ and ‘ play within a play’. The play’s minor-plot, as the research demonstrates, parodically reflects on the play’s main themes and dramatic action. There is also a striking similarity and parodic relation between the two female protagonists in both interrelated plots with regard to female protagonists’ witty usage of language and deceptive schemes. Such parodic relationship reaffirms the play’s essential message in respect to women’s quest for individuality and self-hood. This is in accord with Shakespeare’s humanist and feminist perspective with regard to woman’s right in determining her own destiny. The current research is significant, for it shed lights on unexplored aspects in Shakespeare’s
romantic comedies such as ‘Parody’ and ‘Play within a Play’


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