The Symbolic Significance of the ‘Ring-Plot’ in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.


  • Shirin Saadullah Rasheed Department of English, College of Language, Salahaddin University-Erbil, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Kawa Osman Omar Department of Translation, College of Languages, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



Ring Plot, Thematic, Structural, Interconnect Test, Rhetoric, Wit, Scheme, Protagonist, the Trial, Selfhood, Individuality, Feminism, Verbal Power, Role-Playing, Disguise, Reform, Change, Personality


     Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice is a complex play. The play’s complexity, to a certain extent, is due to its multiple plots. Critics have mainly concentrated on the main plot, while a minor plot, especially the ‘Ring- Plot’ has not received so much attention.  Overall, the research investigates the significance of the ‘Ring Plot’ in the play: first, the extent such minor plot, structurally,  interconnects two other plots , namely, ‘the Trial’ and ‹Casket- Choosing’ plots,  and second; the extent such minor plot is thematically significant with regard to overall moral message of the play, and third; the extent the female protagonist’s verbal skill and her ‘role- playing’ contribute in changing and reforming male lover’s personality,  and finally; the extent the play’s minor plot reaffirms the female protagonist’s sense of individuality and her quest for selfhood



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