Countering the coronavirus within the framework of international law and the guidelines of the World Health Organization


  • Bafraw Rauf Hama Yusuf Law department, College of Humanities, University of Halabja, Halabja, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.



Corona virus, Epidemic Diseases, World Health Organization(WHO), Human Rights, Public International Law


The emergence of the Covid 19 virus as a global hot topic has been studied from various angles. In addition to health issues, the virus has spread to other areas such as politics, economics and society. It is said that from now on the world will be divided into two historical periods before and after Corona. So far, the consequences of the corona have been considered in many ways, but so far there has been less opportunity to address this issue in terms of international law and human rights law. Especially in the Kurdistan region, there is no such opportunity for legal attitudes in this regard. Of course, law-abiding articles have been written in other countries during this period; Especially in Iranian universities, important scientific articles have been written. Therefore, we seize the opportunity and consider the use of related articles to be aware of the legal process and compensation for material and human losses, in addition to the scientific and legal process and the way of interacting with the wrong countries. In this regard, the main question of this article is what is the responsibility of the countries of the world in dealing with the countries responsible for the spread of this pervasive virus, legally? In response, countries around the world seem to have to work in concert and stand up to the center of procrastination.



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