Iraq and the Kurdistan region in front of the opportunities and threats of the New Silk Road

Research in political geography


  • Peshawa Anwar Nasralla Department of Geography, College of Humanities, University of Halabja, Halabja, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



China's rise, Geoeconomics, Geopolitics, Iraq, Kurdistan Region


China's One Belt and One Road (New Silk Road) initiative, after it was proposed by the President of China in 2013, became an important issue and received a lot of attention from global and regional research centers. The attention of researchers, think tanks and research centers to this project is due to its magnitude, importance, and global effects. To the extent that this plan should be viewed from the geo-economic and geo-political perspectives. Some researchers believe that this plan will be China's plan and preparation for a superpower in the 21st century. As a participating country in this initiative, Iraq was able to attract a significant proportion of the attention of the Chinese government and its companies. Hence, Iraq was able to receive the largest amount of Chinese investment in the framework of the One Belt and One Road initiative in 2021. Certainly, any such strategic plan will not be without positive and negative effects on different regions and countries. From this point of view, the aim of the current research will be to investigate the effects of this mega project on the situation of Iraq and the Kurdistan region. To achieve this goal, the article was written in a library style and descriptive/analytical method. As a result; four big opportunities and three basic challenges were determined in front of Iraq in general. Also, three serious challenges will be faced by the Kurdistan Region in particular.



١/ عەزیز، سەردار، (٢٠٢١). بەخێربێن بۆ سەردەمی چینی لە کوردستان و عێراق، چاپی یەکەم.

٢/ تەها، یاسین، (ئازاری ٢٠٢٢). لاکردنەوەی عێراق بەلای چیندا، گۆڤاری ئایندەناسی، سەنتەری لێکۆڵینەوەی ئایندەیی، ژمارە ١٢، ساڵی دووەم.


٣/ ترابی، قاسم و صانعی، راضیە، (تابستان ١٣٩٥). موانع تحقق ابرپروژە جادە ابریشم از چشم¬انداز نظریە همگرایی، فصلنامە تخصصی علوم سیاسی، سال دوانزدهم، شمارە سی و پنجم.

٤/ پیرسلامی، فریبرز ارغوانی و پیرانخو، سحر، (پاییز ١٣٩٦). جادە ابریشم نوین بە مثابە راهبرد سیاست خارجی چین: فرصتها و تهدیدها برای ایران، فصلنامە روابط خارجی، سال نهم، شمارە سوم.

٥/ رئیسی¬نژاد، آرش، (پاییز و زمستان ١٤٠٠)کمربند زمینی راە آبریشم نوین و ژئوپلیتیک آسیای مرکزی، پژوهش نامە ایرانی سیاست بین الملل، سال ١٠، شمارە ا.

٦/ کیسینجر، هنری، (١٣٩١). چین، ترجمە: حسین رأسی، فرهنگ معاصر، تهران.


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