The Relationship and Effect of Social Media on Student’s Academic Performance: - University of Halabja as an Example


  • Shahen Mohammed Faraj Physics Department, College of Science, University of Halabja, Halabja City, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Marwan Mazhar Jafr Social Science Department, College of Basic Education, University of Halabja, Halabja City, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



Social Media, Student, Academic Performance, University of Halabja.


Today the internet captures our daily life. Students rely on it, specifically Social Media, for different purposes. The main purpose of this study is to show the effect of social media on students' academic performance in both positive and negative aspects. By using Circular Systematic Sampling, a questionnaire form was constructed to collect information from 320 students from the University of Halabja-Kurdistan Region-Iraq. The data were analyzed by using Pearson Chi-Square test in SPSS V22 program to show the influence of social media on students’ academic performance. It is concluded that students use social media most of the time on a different account like (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram...) for different purposes and that affects them positively and negatively. The research recommendation is that students must use social media for educational purpose. Otherwise, it affects their life negatively, especially their academic life.


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Mohammed Faraj, S., & Mazhar Jafr, M. . (2020). The Relationship and Effect of Social Media on Student’s Academic Performance: - University of Halabja as an Example. Halabja University Journal, 5(4), 326-339.

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