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گۆڤاری زانکۆی هەڵەبجە - مجلة جامعة حلبجة

In regard to the directive number (78) issued by the presidency office in (5/8/2019), the journal board announced that the journal publication will be quarterly.

every (March, June, September and December) it will be published.

گۆڤاری زانکۆی هەڵەبجە لە ساڵێکدا (٤) ژمارە دەردەکات لە مانگەکانی

( ئادار-٣، حوزەیران-٦، ئەیلول-٩،کانوونی یەکەم-١٢)

ISSN: 2617-3360 (Online)

ISSN: 2412-9607 (Print)

The journal publishes academic research papers with a high scientific level which neither been published nor proposed before.



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